Cristiano Ronaldo – A goal-scoring legend who has pushed the bars of football excellence

15 years. In short, 182 months or 5479 days. This was the number of days the record for most goals scored in international football was held. For a long time, the 109-goal tally by Ali Daei of Iran seemed to be the benchmark for excellence. Only one person in the history of football has scored more than 100 goals. The great Pele, Maradona and Lionel Messi didn’t even touch that landmark. But, on September 2, 2021 something unimaginable happened. Ali Dei’s record was broken. The person breaking the record is the greatest in the business.

Cristiano Ronaldo made history when he scored two late goals to give Portugal a 2–1 win against Ireland. Ronaldo, who held several club records during his illustrious career, continued to raise the bar of excellence in international football. His two goals saw him go past Ali Dei’s tally of 109. Ronaldo now has 111 goals in 180 international caps. With the amount of football that has been played, it would be very difficult for anyone to catch Ronaldo. With a few more years left in his career, Ronaldo could set records like this that may never be broken.

International acclaim for Cristiano Ronaldo

At present, Ronaldo is the toast of England for his return to Manchester United. It was during his formative years at United that he achieved the level of excellence we are witnessing now. Apart from Manchester United, his exploits with Real Madrid as well as Juventus are proof that he is the complete footballer. They have won the UEFA Champions League, La Liga, Premier League and Serie A titles in a dominant fashion.

But, less light has been shed on his international exploits. Cristiano Ronaldo is the top goalscorer in the history of Euro competitions. He has scored in all five editions of the Euros that he has featured in, making this feat the rarest of the rare. It was in 2016 that Ronaldo won Portugal’s first international victory by winning the Euro competition. Five years before Lionel Messi’s Copa America drought ended, Ronaldo had already created history for Portugal.

Ronaldo in the FIFA World Cup

Perhaps, his most notable contribution has been in the FIFA World Cup. In the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Ronaldo scored a hat-trick against Spain and it is noteworthy that he has also scored in all the FIFA World Cups in which he has participated. He may have scored only seven goals in the FIFA World Cup, but he is only three behind his countryman’s all-time tally led by Eusébio, who hit nine in 1966. Ronaldo has one more World Cup left in him and many more records to break. With age, Ronaldo only gets better. His goalscoring prowess continues to improve and with the international record now being broken, Ronaldo could only get better.

The allure of success at the 2022 FIFA World Cup is what is motivating Ronaldo to keep going. The World Cup is potentially the last time Ronaldo and Messi will clash on a football field. Age is not on the side of both the legends and 2022 is probably the last time both will go for glory.

Ronaldo is also the leading goal-scorer in all of football, with a combined total of 785 goals in all competitions. Previous generations may be disputed where some players have recorded more than 800 goals, but in the current era Ronaldo has surpassed all goalscoring records.

legend of cristiano ronaldo

After the end of the Ireland match, Ronaldo spoke about the feeling of breaking the record. “I am very happy, not just because I broke the record but for the special moments that we had. It is so difficult to score two goals at the end of the game, but I have to appreciate what the team did. Believed,” said Ronaldo.

Ronaldo’s confidence is simply brilliant. But, when he was picked up by Manchester United in 2021, there were many volumes pointing to the dark underbelly of his personal life. Ronaldo is accused of rape and had given money to silence the victim. The Nevada rape case is a big blot on Ronaldo’s career, but the allegations and counter-allegations never stopped.

Blemishes on his career aside, Ronaldo has been an absolute monster on the pitch. The leading goal scorer in the world at club level and now at international level is now eyeing more glory. Ronaldo has nothing left to prove when it comes to club pride. He has conquered everything that should be there. He has also won the Euro, which has partly fulfilled his international fortune. But, his main target will be the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. If Ronaldo can accomplish this, the tag of greatness will be with him for a long time. It may be difficult, but Ronaldo is breaking down the barriers to excellence in football every day.

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