FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Match schedule for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Given Qatar’s compact nature, for the first time ever, the organizers have allocated group stage matches to stadiums, allocated kick-off times for each match day after the final draw, and made it available to spectators, teams, media, and a global audience.

A total of 64 matches will be played to determine the winner of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. See when and where actions are taking place. You can also see the details of the Fifa Worldcup.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Teams

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 trophy

How many teams will be in FIFA World Cup 2022:

The Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 is a 32-team tournament and will be the last in its current format as FIFA has expanded the World Cup to 48 teams from 2026.

In the 2022 tournament, alongside defending champions France, Qatar are among the 32 teams that have automatically qualified. Another 30 teams will qualify from six different regions to participate.

According to the current situation, 19 teams have already qualified for the 2022 World Cup. The host country is Qatar and 18 other countries. The table below shows the teams that have already officially qualified for the tournament.

1QatarAsiaHost Nation
2GermanyEuropeGroup Winners
3DenmarkEuropeGroup Winners
4FranceEuropeGroup Winners
5BelgiumEuropeGroup Winners
6CroatiaEuropeGroup Winners
7SpainEuropeGroup Winners
8SerbiaEuropeGroup Winners
9EnglandEuropeGroup Winners
10SwitzerlandEuropeGroup Winners
11NetherlandsEuropeGroup Winners
12PolandEuropePlayoff Winner 1
13PortugalEuropePlayoff Winner 2
14TBCEuropePlayoff Winner 3
15BrazilSouth America1st place in Qualifying
16ArgentinaSouth America2nd place in Qualifying
17EcuadorSouth America3rd Place in Qualifying
18UruguaySouth America4th Place in Qualifying
20South KoreaAsia
21Saudi ArabiaAsia
28 CanadaNorth America
29 United StatesNorth America
30 MexicoNorth America
31TBCRegion PlayOffPlayoff Winner 1
32TBCRegion PlayOffPlayoff Winner 2

Match schedule for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022:

MatchDateMatch DetailsVenueTime
1November 21Qatar vs EcuadorAl Bayt Stadium3.30 pm
3November 21Senegal vs NetherlandsKhalifa International Stadium9:30 pm
2November 21England vs IranAl Thumama Stadium6:30 pm
4November 22USA vs WalesAl Rayyan Stadium00:30 am
8November 23Argentina vs Saudi ArabiaLusail Stadium00:30 am
7November 22Mexico vs PolandRas Abu Aboud Stadium9:30 pm
6November 22France vs AustraliaEducation City Stadium6:30 pm
5November 22Denmark vs TunisiaAl Janoub Stadium3:30 pm
12November 23Spain vs Costa RicaAl Bayt Stadium3.30 pm
11November 23Germany vs JapanKhalifa International Stadium9:30 pm
10November 23Belgium vs CanadaAl Thumama Stadium6:30 pm
9November 24Morocco vs CroatiaAl Rayyan Stadium00:30 am
16November 25Brazil vs SerbiaLusail Stadium00:30 am
15November 24Switzerland vs CameroonRas Abu Aboud Stadium9:30 pm
14November 24Portugal vs GhanaEducation City Stadium6:30 pm
13November 24Uruguay vs South KoreaAl Janoub Stadium3.30 pm
20November 25England vs USAAl Bayt Stadium3.30 pm
19November 25Wales vs IranKhalifa International Stadium9:30 pm
18November 25Qatar vs SenegalAl Thumama Stadium6:30 pm
17November 26Netherlands vs EcuadorAl Rayyan Stadium00:30 am
24November 27France vs DenmarkLusail Stadium00:30 am
23November 26Tunisia vs AustraliaRas Abu Aboud Stadium9:30 pm
22November 26Argentina vs MexicoEducation City Stadium6:30 pm
21November 26Poland vs Saudi ArabiaAl Janoub Stadium3.30 pm
28November 27Belgium vs MoroccoAl Bayt Stadium3.30 pm
27November 27Croatia vs CanadaKhalifa International Stadium9:30 pm
26November 27Spain vs GermanyAl Thumama Stadium6:30 pm
25November 28Japan vs Costa RicaAl Rayyan Stadium00:30 am
32November 29Portugal vs UruguayLusail Stadium00:30 am
31November 28South Korea vs GhanaRas Abu Aboud Stadium9:30 pm
30November 28Brazil vs SwitzerlandEducation City Stadium6:30 pm
29November 28Cameroon vs SerbiaAl Janoub Stadium3.30 pm
36November 29Netherlands vs QatarAl Bayt Stadium3.30 pm
35November 29Ecuador vs SenegalKhalifa International Stadium9:30 pm
34November 29Wales vs EnglandAl Thumama Stadium6:30 pm
33November 30Iran vs USAAl Rayyan Stadium00:30 am
40December 1Poland vs ArgentinaLusail Stadium00:30 am
39November 30Saudi Arabia vs MexicoRas Abu Aboud Stadium9:30 pm
38November 30Tunisia vs FranceEducation City Stadium6:30 pm
37November 30Australia vs DenmarkAl Janoub Stadium3.30 pm
44December 1Japan vs SpainAl Bayt Stadium3.30 pm
43December 1Costa Rica vs GermanyKhalifa International Stadium9:30 pm
42December 1Croatia vs BelgiumAl Thumama Stadium6:30 pm
41December 2Canada vs MoroccoAl Rayyan Stadium00:30 am
48December 3Cameroon vs BrazilLusail Stadium00:30 am
47December 2Serbia vs SwitzerlandRas Abu Aboud Stadium9:30 pm
46December 2South Korea vs PortugalEducation City Stadium6:30 pm
45December 2Ghana vs UruguayAl Janoub Stadium3.30 pm

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Team Squads:

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Team Squads:
Image Credit: Fifa

Group A

Fixtures: Qatar (Nov. 20), Netherlands (Nov. 25), Senegal (Nov. 29)

Fixtures: Senegal (Nov. 21), Ecuador (Nov. 25), Qatar (Nov. 29)

Fixtures: Ecuador (Nov. 20), Senegal (Nov. 25), Netherlands (Nov. 29)

Fixtures: Netherlands (Nov. 21), Qatar (Nov. 25), Ecuador (Nov. 29)

Group B

Fixtures: IR Iran (Nov. 21), United States (Nov. 25), Wales (Nov. 29)

Fixtures: England (Nov. 21), Wales (Nov. 25), United States (Nov. 29)

Fixtures: Wales (Nov. 21), England (Nov. 25), IR Iran (Nov. 29)

Fixtures: United States (Nov. 21), IR Iran (Nov. 25), England (Nov. 29)

Group C

Fixtures: Saudi Arabia (Nov. 22), Mexico (Nov. 26), Poland (Nov. 30)

Fixtures: Poland (Nov. 22), Argentina (Nov. 26), Saudi Arabia (Nov. 30)

Fixtures: Mexico (Nov. 22), Saudi Arabia (Nov. 26), Argentina (Nov. 30)

Fixtures: Argentina (Nov. 22), Poland (Nov. 26), Mexico (Nov. 30)

Group D

Fixtures: France (Nov. 22), Tunisia (Nov. 26), Denmark (Nov. 30)

Fixtures: Tunisia (Nov. 22), France (Nov. 26), Australia (Nov. 30)

Fixtures: Australia (Nov. 22), Denmark (Nov. 26), Tunisia (Nov. 30)

Fixtures: Denmark (Nov. 22), Australia (Nov. 26), France (Nov. 30)

Group E

Fixtures: Spain (Nov. 23), Japan (Nov. 27), Germany (Dec. 1)

Fixtures: Japan (Nov. 23), Spain (Nov. 27), Costa Rica (Dec. 1)

Fixtures: Germany (Nov. 23), Costa Rica (Nov. 27), Spain (Dec. 1)

Fixtures: Costa Rica (Nov. 23), Germany (Nov. 27), Japan (Dec. 1)

Group F

Fixtures: Canada (Nov. 23), Morocco (Nov. 27), Croatia (Dec. 1)

Fixtures: Belgium (Nov. 23), Croatia (Nov. 27), Morocco (Dec. 1)

Fixtures: Morocco (Nov. 23), Canada (Nov. 27), Belgium (Dec. 1)

Fixtures: Croatia (Nov. 23), Belgium (Nov. 27), Canada (Dec. 1)

Group G

Fixtures: Serbia (Nov. 24), Switzerland (Nov. 28), Cameroon (Dec. 2)

Fixtures: Switzerland (Nov. 24), Serbia (Nov. 28), Brazil (Dec. 2)

Fixtures: Brazil (Nov. 24), Cameroon (Nov. 28), Switzerland (Dec. 2)

Fixtures: Cameroon (Nov. 24), Brazil (Nov. 28), Serbia (Dec. 2)

Group H

Fixtures: Portugal (Nov. 24), South Korea (Nov. 28), Uruguay (Dec. 2)

Fixtures: Ghana (Nov. 24), Uruguay (Nov. 28), South Korea (Dec. 2)

Fixtures: Uruguay (Nov. 24), Ghana (Nov. 28), Portugal (Dec. 2)

Fixtures: South Korea (Nov. 24), Portugal (Nov. 28), Ghana (Dec. 2)

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