Robin van Persie praises Marcus Rashford’s ‘unique connection’ with Bruno Fernandes

Former Manchester United centre-forward Robin van Persie is at a loss for words to praise in-form striker Marcus Rashford. The English international is enjoying a dream run for Erik ten Haag’s side, having already scored 27 club goals in all competitions this season. Rashford’s impeccable form has been one of the main reasons behind United’s impressive run of the campaign so far. Man United have already won the EFL Cup and reached the semi-finals of the FA Cup and the quarter-finals of the Europa League. Not to mention that the Red Devils are also third in the Premier League table.

Marcus Rashford has received a lot of praise for his performances this season and the latest person to heap praise on him is former Dutch striker Robin van Persie. “Yeah, you can see he’s probably in the best form of his life,” Van Persie told club media. “The way he plays, he looks very fit. He looks very focused. He looks to be having fun. He’s on a mission now. Everyone knew that from an early age, because he was very young. everyone knew what a good player he was – and still is – but now you see everything clicks, and that’s partly for him, but also a coach, and Plus, your teammates too.

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‘Marcus Rashford continues to go from strength to strength’

Robin van Persie did not just stop there but also gave equal credit to one of his teammates in Bruno Fernandes. He believes the connection both Fernandes and Rashford currently share is a “unique”. For example, if you look at his association with Fernandes, it is something unique. You have that relationship with only a few players in your entire career. And now he has. It’s like going from strength to strength,” he elaborated.

He added: “From a coach’s point of view, it seems really fun to work with a player like Rashford. But it goes both ways. I’m sure Rashford is really happy with Erik [ten Hag] Too. You can see he’s growing, he’s got confidence; With him, you know almost every game he plays, no matter who he will score a goal against or be the decider in most matches. From a fan’s point of view, it’s also fun to watch, because this is the Rashford we would like to see every week, every three or four days, so he’s bringing a lot of joy.”

Robin van Persie happy to see Tyrrell Malaysia shine

Afterwards, Robin van Persie shifted his focus to his compatriot Tyrrell Malaysia. The former striker is pleased with the young full-back’s progress and believes his journey gives a lot of hope to youngsters in the Netherlands. “I believe, per window, [you have] To bring in some of the right players and Tyrell Malaysia is one of them. He was not really well known before he came. I played with him at Feyenoord, so I knew how good he was, and still is, and he’s proving it in every game,” he explained.

“When it clicks and when it’s clear what to do, because clearly [there are] Both full-backs – Diogo Dalot on the right, sometimes you have Luke Shaw or Tyrrell on the left – you can see they know exactly what to do in possession of the ball, as well as when the opponent’s Have the ball He is doing so well and I am very proud of him. He is from my city. He is from my club. He is giving hope to many youngsters.”

Robin van Persie believes Malaysia’s progress will act as an inspiration for many of the Netherlands’ young players. However, he wants Malaysia to keep improving in the future. “He’s playing at the highest level now and competing against the best. He’s not only giving hope to the youth here, he’s giving hope to the youth in Holland, like okay, if you play well, Chances are you can go really far so you can play for a team like Manchester United, and I’m proud of that. I hope he keeps developing and improving and hungry to get better every day Will remain

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