Top 10 Best El Clasico Moments In Football History

2014 Copa del Rey Final Arguably the greatest El Clásico moment ever known for the one between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. Los Blancos won that match against Barcelona 2-1 score, 2011 ucl semi final, Where Barcelona won 3–1 on aggregate. And this FC Barcelona win 6-2 He also has to be mentioned among the best El Clásico moments in football history against their arch-rivals Real Madrid.

Rather than improving over time, the relationship between the two clubs, Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​has deteriorated as they become more dominant than ever in the 21st century. Rewinding over the years, though, here are Best El Clásico moment ever,

El Clásico is a football match played between rivals and two richest football club, Real Madrid CF and FC Barcelona. It is the biggest football club game in the world and one of the most watched annual sporting events. Considering the intensity, it is not difficult to understand why there have been so many flamboyant versions of El Clásico over the years.

10. Di Stefano Saga

one of the following best el clásico moments Controversy in Spanish football following World War II was the transfer of Alfredo Di Stéfano from Argentine club Millonarios to either Barcelona or Real Madrid.

The summer of 1953 saw different entities with different agendas including clubs, FIFA and the Spanish Federation become involved in a transfer dispute between the two Spanish giants.

Fed up with the involvement of the Madrid-based government, Barcelona scaled back their efforts to sign the Argentine. Two weeks later, he made his El Clásico debut; Real won 5–0 and he scored four goals.

9. Johan Cruyff arrives

One of the best El Clásico moments of the vintage era was the transfer of Johan Cruyff. As Barcelona held out on signing the Ajax superstar, the Di Stefano saga didn’t differ much as Real wanted to be involved in the transfer.

But Cruyff chose Barca instead of Real, and to add salt to injury, he said he would never play for a “Franco-linked” team directed by General Franco. This was followed by a 5–0 loss in the Clásico in which Cruyff had 3 assists and a goal.

8. Cruyff’s dream team in 1993–94

It was the time of Johan Cruyff’s famous dream team in Barcelona. Boasting a lineup with Romario, Guardiola, Stoichkov and Laudrup, Barcelona demolished Real with Romario scoring a hat-trick and Koeman scoring a free-kick.

This event has now been dubbed as one of the top 10 best football moments In El Clásico.

7. Revenge of Real Madrid in 1994-95

In the summer, Michel Laudrup controversially left for the Spanish capital following a 5–0 win against Real Madrid after the player had a monumental altercation with manager Johan Cruyff.

There were rumors that Laudrup had joined Real to get revenge on Barcelona. Although Laudrup denied it, no one could argue that his transfer set off the wildest tussle between these two clubs.

6. Figo’s Betrayal

In the last decade and a half, one of the best El Clásico moments was the then world record transfer of Portuguese great Luís Figo from Barcelona to Real Madrid in the summer of 2000.

Figo was hailed as the pride of Barcelona, ​​but all that love turned to hate when he was on his way to Madrid to be part of Real’s Galactico project. This expression of hatred reached an all-time high in the Nou Camp in November 2002.

Figo, known as the Derby of Shame, met a bloodthirsty mob that day. When he went to take a corner kick, the Portuguese winger was found with beer cans, cigarette lighters and whiskey bottles. The most important of them was the head of a suckling pig which was thrown at him. The match ended goalless. If Figo had scored a goal, he would not have lived for the Bernabeu.

5. Ronaldinho at the Bernabeu

Probably one of the best moments of El Clásico was when Ronaldinho tore apart Los Blancos in 2005. It was the Brazilian who took over after the break. His skills were sweet and sublime. Ronaldinho completed a stunning run with a superb run from the halfway line best football goalkeeperCasillas.

And then, thousands of Real fans at the Bernabeu rose to their feet to applaud a spectacular performance by the Brazilian superstar.

4. Beginning of Messi Era – Gbest moments in football history

Possibly the youngest player to score a hat-trick in El Clásico, Lionel Messi scored his first hat-trick against Real Madrid, at the age of 19!

The match ended in a 3–3 draw, with Messi making the save for Barcelona, ​​who learned the value of this incredible young talent who would later turn out to be the world’s greatest player of the modern era.

The introduction of one of the greatest football players of all time, Lionel Messi certainly deserves its place among the best El Clásico moments of all time.

3. A non-contest: Real Madrid 2-6 Barcelona

In what was possibly the biggest margin of defeat in El Clásico, braces from Henry and Messi, as well as goals from Puyol and Pique, illustrated the gulf in class that had grown between the two teams.

It also hastened the start of a second Galactico era at Real Madrid as they tried to challenge the dominance of the Catalan club.

2. 2011 UCL semi-final

The 2011 Champions League semi-final rivalry between Real and Barcelona was an extremely intense one, with Pep Guardiola and José Mourinho playing central roles in the two encounters.

one to two time goals greatest football player of all timeMessi led Barcelona to the final at the Bernabeu before Madrid even left for Catalunya.

In the return leg, Marcelo leveled the match after Pedro had put the home side in the lead. Barca beat Manchester United in the final, while Los Blancos gave up on their La Décima dream.

1. Copa del Rey Final 2014

When Ronaldo was in the stands due to injury, Gareth Bale showed his heroics. With five minutes to go, Gareth Bale picked up the ball inside his own half on the left wing.

He overtook Bartra with his heroic acceleration before running into the penalty area. Bale then left-footed the ball past the goalkeeper from six yards out.

El Clásico has always been a favorite to watch over the years. It has gifted us with so many wonderful moments. In recent years, the rivalry has been “encapsulated” by the rivalry between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. That concludes the top 10 best El Clásico moments.


So these were the top 10 Best El Clásico moments in football history, Feel free to comment and share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Last updated: November 2022

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