Top 10 Best South American Football Clubs

brazilian side sao paulo football clubaka sao paulo fc, definitely the best Latin American football club ever. this club has achieved 22 domestic league titles By 2022. In addition, the club has achieved 6 Brasileirão titles And 3 Copa Libertadores titles, to argentina club atlético independiente and the colombian side atlético national They also deserve a mention among the best South American football clubs.

It may not have anywhere near the power and prestige of European clubs, but it certainly is a hotbed of talent and serves as a constant source of talent for the world’s elite clubs. Here, we count down Best South American Football Clubs,

For the average spectator, it is the competition that appeals to them and not the quality of football played. South America may be the place where the most competitive soccer is played.

10. Santos

At number 10 in the top 10 best South American football clubs is Santos of Brazil. One of the most successful and historic clubs in Brazil, Santos has won the domestic title 8 times, the Copa Libertadores three times, and the Copa de Brasil once.

Not only that, but it has produced some greatest football player Always, like Pele, Robinho and Neymar. Although Neymar has left for Barcelona, ​​there is still plenty of young talent in Brazil to earn a place among the best teams.

9. Corinthians


The 9th place in the top 10 best South American football clubs is Corinthians of Brazil. Corinthians now also holds its position as the biggest club in Brazil. And he definitely has the silverware in his cabinet to prove it.

The club has won seven Brasileirão titles, one Libertadores title and the FIFA World Club Cup (by defeating Chelsea). Many famous players have donned the colors of the club, including Tevez, Ronaldo, Mascherano and Socrates.

8. River Plate

River bank

At number 8 in the Top 10 Best South American Football Clubs is River Plate of Argentina. In terms of titles won, River Plate is the most successful club in Latin America, with 36 league titles and 4 Libertadores, but they have not had much success in the last decade.

River Plate is now like a fallen giant that has given Europe many good players, such as Ortega, Saviola, Crespo, etc., but it was Di Stefano who started his career here but became a household name around the world.

7. Boca Juniors

Boca Juniors

The seventh place in the top 10 best South American football clubs is Boca Juniors from Argentina. The impressive title run of River’s arch-rivals, Boca Juniors, may pale in comparison to River’s with 33 league titles, but it is at continental level where they shine with four Libertadores.

The International Federation of Football History and Statistics declared them the best South American club of the 21st century. Over the years, players who have come from here include Burdisso, Tevez, Palacio and the great Maradona.

6. Peñarol


At number six in the Top 10 Best South American Football Clubs we have Peñarol of Uruguay. With 50 league titles and 5 Copa Libertadores, Peñarol has been a dominant force in Uruguayan football.

Despite their great history, Peñarol have yet to win a title at continental level since 1987 (finishing runner-up to Santos in 2011), so they are in a slump at the moment.

The most famous player associated with Peñarol is undoubtedly Ghiggia, who scored the winning goal against Brazil in the 1950 World Cup to knock them out.

5. Colo-Colo

colo colo

At number 5 in the Top 10 Best South American Football Clubs, we have Colo-Colo from Chile. Thirty-two league titles, 11 cups and one Libertadores victory are all testimony to the illustrious history of Colo-Colo, and it is one of the best clubs in Chile.

Helping to hone a lot of local talent for the national side, Colo-Colo is a club to be reckoned with, playing Chile’s fast and attacking style of football.

4. Olympia


At number 4 on the Top 10 Best South American Football Clubs, we have Olimpia from Paraguay. Like other teams in the list, Olympia too has a proud past. It has accumulated 43 league titles and three Libertadores.

In 1979, the club reached the pinnacle of its success when it completed a quadruple league title, Libertadores, Copa Interamerica and Intercontinental Cup.

Its most famous export is Roque Santa Cruz, the current captain of the national team and top scorer for the Paraguayan team.

3. Atletico Nacional

atlético national

At number 3 in the Top 10 Best South American Football Clubs, we have Atlético Nacional from Colombia. Their recent surge in performances has seen them win seven league titles in the last decade.

and this turned the club into one of the leading forces of Latin football. The club is best remembered as the origin of legendary goalkeeper René Higuita, who is renowned for his sweeping style of play and dribbling despite being a goalkeeper.

2. Independent


At number 2 in the Top 10 Best South American Football Clubs, we have Independiente from Argentina. It is one of the most historic clubs in Argentina having won 16 Primera titles and 9 national cups. he also got 7 copa libertadores (in record numbers and the only club to win it four times in a row).

Independiente won three Copas Interamericana, two Supercopa Sudamericana, two Intercontinental Cups and one Recopa Sudamericana. Its silverware alone makes it the most important club in Argentina.

But in recent times, it has fallen to the extent of relegation but has come back again under Hugo Moyano. And now, it’s starting to look an awful lot like its heyday.

1. Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo

At number 1 in the Top 10 Best South American Football Clubs, we have Sao Paulo from Brazil. Sao Paulo is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to Latin football.

It also ranks among the 5 Brazilian clubs that have never suffered relegation. It has won 22 league titles, six Brasileiras, three Copa Libertadores and one Copa Sudamericana.

They also achieved a Supercopa Libertadores, a FIFA World Club Cup. Two Intercontinental Cups, and one Copa CONMEBOL. The club won one Copa Masters CONMEBOL and two Recopa Sudamericana. In addition to such a collection of silverware, it is also the second most economically valuable team in Brazil.

Best South American Football Clubs - Infographics
Infographics: Best South American Football Clubs

FAQ About Best South American Soccer Clubs

Q. Which team has had the most success in South America?

Boca Juniors and Atlético Independiente are the two most successful Argentine teams in CONMEBOL competitions, having won 18 trophies each. Independiente holds the record for the most Copa Libertadores trophies (seven), followed by São Paulo and River Plate with 12 each.

A large portion of association football in South America is overseen and administered by the Confederation of South American Football (CONMEBOL). Each CONMEBOL member confederation has different league systems. Throughout the top-level leagues, a competition is underway to determine the country’s club champion.

Q. Which club is the biggest in South America?

The Flamengo club is the largest in South America. Flamengo from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, had 44 million fans as of mid-2021, making it the most popular football club in South America. It was followed by Brazilian SC Corinthians Paulista with 39 million fans.

Q. Why is soccer so popular in Spain?

Football is the national sport of Spain and the most popular spectator sport in the country. Compared to Italian and English fans, the Spanish are among the most passionate football fans in Europe. Due to the love of football by the population, almost every city has a football ground.

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