Women’s Soccer World Cup

Women's Soccer World Cup

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is held every four years, one year after the Men’s World Cup. It is the most important competition in international football for women.

The women’s soccer World Cup has been held eight times so far. The first Women’s World Cup was in China in 1991 and was won by the United States, and Norway won the 1995 championship in Sweden. The first two events were a 12-nation tournament, but in 1999 the event was expanded to a 16-nation competition, and the 2015 Canadian event expanded to 24 teams.

The United States hosted the event in both 1999 and 2003, won by the United States and Germany respectively. The 2007 event was held in China and was won by Germany. The United States has won this competition four times (1991, 1999, 2015, 2019).

The next Women’s World Cup will be held in Australia and New Zealand in 2023.

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