World Cup Fair Play Trophy

World Cup Fair Play Trophy

Here is the list of winners of the World Cup Fair Play Trophy. This FIFA World Cup award is given to the team with the best fair play record in the World Cup final. Awarded since 1970. Peru won its first prize at the 1970 FIFA World Cup after receiving no yellow or red cards.

Also, since 1987, the FIFA Fair Play Award (which has nothing to do with the World Cup) has been awarded annually in recognition of actions that promote the spirit of fair play in club football around the world. It can be given to individuals, teams, fans, spectators, and football associations.

Only teams that qualify for the second round are eligible. Brazil won four times and Spain won three times. In 2006 and in 1998, the trophy was awarded to two teams.

Here is the list of winners of the World Cup Fair Play Trophy.

  • 2018 — Spain
  • 2014 — Colombia
  • 2010 — Spain
  • 2006 — Brazil & Spain
  • 2002 — Belgium
  • 1998 — England & France
  • 1994 — Brazil
  • 1990 — England
  • 1986 — Brazil
  • 1982 — Brazil
  • 1978 — Argentina
  • 1974 — West Germany
  • 1970 — Peru

The Award

First of all, the winner of this award received a certificate. From 1982 until 1990 players were awarded a gold trophy based on the football-playing cartoon character, Sport Billy, who was an icon of FIFA fair play. Since 1994, trophies awarded have featured the figure of an elegant footballer. In addition to the trophy, a diploma certificate, a fair play medal for each player, and US $50,000 worth of football equipment for youth development are also presented.

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